Alexandra Meadors Interview with Veronica Keen 4-29-14… MP3s

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montague_keen_veronica29 These are MP3s created from the show that was posted here . MP3s are volume leveled and boosted for easier listening.

After listening to this, Ginger communicated her very strong feelings that these be listened to, and how important they are. Her notes are below the MP3s.

Radio show:

MP3s (volume leveled and boosted) (1:50 min., 50 MB)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Complete (1:49, 14 MB)

Ginger’s notes:

Okay Everyone,
I finally got around to listening to this April 29th (1hr 50min) interview
(by Alexandra Meadors) – “Project Ley Line & the Truth about Eire”
with Veronica Keen (“Monty” – Montague Keen’s wife)
who just turned 77 . . . that brought tears up from my heart & soul.

But most important to share exponentially . . . The information imparted within this interview is absolutely critical to hear within this current window…

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