Hallo all!
Much apologies for starting this and then being so slow with updating. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed lately but should soon have more references posted here. Please feel free to share anything you feel is useful-links, videos, book recommendations etc

I created this blog to be a gathering place for those wishing to get involved with healing the energy systems of Earth and our human relationship with them.

I was inspired to create it recently by the Ley Line project Veronica Keen has begun. I hope this will become a resource for all involved in this work and for those interested but as yet just curious to find out more.

I hope you will all feel free to share your ideas, insights, experiences and links to your own blogs and projects in Earth healing here.

The Earth is a big place! But we have thousands of years of information and teachings as well as potentially millions of volunteers to work with so I believe we will do much good.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Ohnwentsya, I am so happy to have found your blog. I have been involved in
    the Ley Line meditations initiated by Veronica Keen (& Monty). In fact, I believe
    I know you from Jean Haines’ tribe… Good luck and I plan to frequent your
    blog because this is important (and fascinating) work. xoxo Dee

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